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The T.J. and Debbie Day Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Caring for you and your newborn is a top priority. Saint Mary's stands ready to provide the best level of care you need. Should your baby require advanced medical attention, you can feel safe that Saint Mary's T.J. and Debbie Day Neonatal Intensive Care Unit is close at hand. Should your baby be born outside the Reno area, Saint Mary's provides Neonatal Transport services to the northern Nevada region.

Our Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit is recognized and accredited by the state of Nevada as one of the area's best in caring for urgent baby needs. We also have a perinatologist on staff that specializes in caring for mothers with pre-term labor. The unit provides care to prematurely born infants who often weigh less than two pounds and also to full term babies facing critical conditions, such as those who are fighting infection or recovering from surgery.

Saint Mary's has kept pace with recent advancements in neonatal technology and care. Our technology includes Ohmeda Giraff combination radiant warmer/incubators that are automatically temperature controlled for any sized infant, ventilators that can deliver hundreds of breaths per minute to protect delicate lungs, and breathing devices that can deliver nitric oxide to reverse critical lung disease.

Ten years ago, infants born more than 12 weeks prematurely rarely survived. Today, our staff routinely saves children born 15 or more weeks before their full term. Our highly trained staff has seen their efforts rewarded with an increase in survival rates and reductions in long-term complications.

The 29-bed unit features sufficient space for parents to spend time at the bedside with family centered care, caring for both the baby and their family. There is lighting above each bedside to meet each infant's developmental needs, state of the art monitoring equipment, and eight new beds that can convert from intensive care to intermediate care use.

Should your child be born outside of the Reno area, Saint Mary's provides neonatal stabilization and transport services to the region. Our Neonatal Transport Unit provides lifesaving measures and the most advanced technology in our area including high-frequency ventilation.

Additionally, we are well known for our very low infection rates and our incredible nurses who have over 100 years of combined NICU experience and who also provide education for outlying hospitals on premature infant care with the only RN in the region who is a Developmental Specialist.

Parents are encouraged to be at their baby's side whenever they wish. Others visiting will need to be with a parent, and only 2 are able to be at the bedside at one time. Pictures are taken for parents to share with family and friends.

Contact Us: (775) 770-3061 (parent calls only)

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