Saint Mary’s Senior Wellness Center

Saint Mary’s Senior Wellness Center

A comprehensive plan for your health with an expert.


The Saint Mary’s Senior Wellness Clinic offers a comprehensive overview of all of your medical records in one appointment. Our providers will review your health history with you and establish a personalized prevention plan focused on promoting health and wellbeing.

Wellness Visit Includes

  • Preventative Screenings
  • Age-Specific Screenings
  • Cognitive Assessment
  • Risk Assessment
  • Functional Assessment
  • Fall Risk Assessment
  • Personalized Prevention Plan
  • Advanced Care Plan Discussion

Paying for a Wellness Visit

Medicare finds value in these types of visits and will cover one visit each year.

Where Can I Get a Visit?

We offer our senior wellness visits at most of our sites around Reno and Sparks. Please call for more information about the most convenient location to you. 775.770.7090