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kNOw Fad Nutrition Begins

kNOw Fad Nutrition Begins

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  • Event Type:New Event
  • Max Capacity:12

kNOw Fad Nutrition – Our premier nutrition program is back this February with a brand new name! kNOw Fad Nutrition (formerly Weight Loss Warriors) focuses solely on nutrition and how important it is to find the right balance for you to maintain or lose weight. If your nutrition knowledge is rusty, or you need to go deeper, this is a great program for you! You’ll get 8 weeks of group and one-on-one sessions with our nutritionists who help you learn how to plan meals, balance physical activity with your food intake, and address any issues that might be holding you back. This program begins February 11th and costs $129. It is open to members only. Just 12 spots available! Contact Jacquie Wickens at for more details!

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  • Price: $129.00
  • Registration Instructions: $129 for members. Contact the Service Desk at the Fitness Center to register.