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Erick Zander
In 2011 when I joined Saint Mary's I was 283 pounds and extremely out of shape after shoulder surgery the prior year. When I first started working out I could barely lift the bar and had not much of a clue on what to do for working out. I enrolled with a personal trainer, and got on the right track to getting into shape with their help. By the end of 2011, I was down to 202.3 pounds, and feeling better than I ever have. I go to Saint Mary's 5-6 days a week and I find the environment, staff, and clientele to be a big part of my continued fitness success.

Katy (October 2012)
Small group personal training is fun and motivating. Since participating, I have noticed a huge difference in my fitness abilities.
A year ago I had a difficult time riding my bike 3 miles to and from work. I would take several breaks and even have to walk my bike on some of the uphill sections. Now I can ride the whole distance without stopping easily! Recently I was very late to the Oakland airport, I had 15 minutes to make it to my flight, which of course was boarding at the farthest possible gate. Guess what? I sprinted and I made it! Some of the best things about small group personal training are having the motivation from the others in your group and trying new things!

Genevieve (August 2012)
You have to try really hard not to progress and see results from regular small group personal training workouts. The workouts are work! But what keeps me going and keeps me coming back is the terrific variety of exercises that focus on strength, balance, and endurance.
Our trainer comes up with exercises I’ve never seen or tried, and they’re all challenging but doable. Modifications to standard exercises are always available and really appreciated. A small personal training group keeps me interested, gives me enough encouraging peer pressure, and above all avoids the boredom of a standard solo workout.

Jo Ellen Stevens Vaughn (Member since 2012)
I fell in love with your facility today… So did my kids (at the Fitness Center’s complimentary child care center). They can’t wait to go back to “the club”!

Margaret Chenault Lezer
“Great facility. Fun people to meet. Instructors are very nice and very helpful. Fun place to go and get fit. Try it, you’ll LOVE IT!”

Debbie Cadigan (Member since 2009)
“I’ve tried other gyms, but this place is different. There are all types of different people here, different sizes, different backgrounds and different conditions … the commonality is that people want to be here and enjoy being here. The people who work here want you to succeed and are invested in it.”

William G. (Member since 2011)
“My doctor advised that I begin an exercise program for my health and recovery, and the program needed to be tailored to meet my health problems. I found the medical exercise program was exactly what the doctor ordered. My fitness levels have improved, I’ve lost weight, my blood pressure and blood sugar are down, and I feel a lot better.”

Marilyn Miller
“I’ve been a member for almost three years. I didn’t see much progress until I decided to sign up for personal training. I explained my limitations due to arthritis, and my trainer Amanda tailored a series of exercises to help me build more upper body strength. These exercises enabled me to build strength and flexibility without pain. Almost a year later, I can lift more than I thought possible. Best of all, I find myself feeling better while experiencing little or no arthritis pain.”

Orlin Bowman, IV
I love Saint Mary’s because it represents a complete and whole standard of health, not just simply physical fitness. Also, the staff is beyond compare; they’re just fantastic!

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