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Barefoot with Cassie

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  • Written By: Cassie Goodmand
Barefoot with Cassie

Barefoot with Cassie

If you know Cassie or have seen her around the fitness center then you probably have noticed her barefoot “toe” shoes. I sat down with Cassie to discuss her Vibram Five Finger athletic shoes.
What does Cassie want fitness participants to know about barefoot shoes? Most importantly, Cassie wants members to know that barefoot running is not for everyone. If you wear orthotics or have any other foot or ankle related concerns, you should consult with your doctor. Barefoot running shoes do not work for everybody and like most fitness gear out there- doing your research to find out if the shoes are suitable for you is important.

It was also interesting to learn that it took Cassie a month and a half to two months to run her normal 3 mile distance and pace in her barefoot shoes. Cassie also emphasized in our discussion that when deciding to try barefoot shoes, it is important not to run in them immediately. At first you should walk around in the shoes for a few hours a day. Even if you are a runner, take the time to walk and get comfortable for short periods of time. Eventually, Cassie wore them for a 1 mile run and continued to increase from there. At almost two months later, she was ready to try a full 3 mile run at her normal pace. Cassie also runs for an equal amount of time in both her traditional athletic running shoes and her Vibram Five Fingers. She never runs in icy conditions or on treadmills in her barefoot shoes.
Cassie is one of the trainers for the Saint Mary’s Striders. The best part of Striders for Cassie was that the participants made plans to walk outside of trainer led sessions and built a bond and camaraderie amongst each other. In 2015, Cassie looks forward to participating in Moms on the Run again, competing in an Olympic distance triathlon, and doing the Reno Tahoe Odyssey for the first time. Cassie also qualified to participate in the USA Triathlon Sprint National Championship in August in Milwaukee. In order to compete in the aforementioned event, you must race top 10% in your age group in a USAT sanctioned race.

When Cassie was asked what animal she would be if she could choose any, she responded asking if she could pick a marine mammal and if so, then she would choose a dolphin. Cassie made this choice because dolphins are smart and sympathetic and also kick it into gear to protect their friends and family.