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Connie Zanotto's Sugar Free Lent 2015

Connie Zanotto's Sugar Free Lent 2015

Sugar Free Lent 2015

I happen to be a Catholic and every year I give up something for lent. Lent last 40 days, so it's a fair amount of time. In past years, I have given up chocolate (my staple), shopping (for non necessities) and alcohol. As time goes by my vises change, therefore my choices change. Last year I gave up chocolate, Facebook, and Twitter. So when I started to ponder my 2015 option, I decided to up the anti and instead of just chocolate, go all the way with sugar. All sugar! I'm talking fruit, honey, agave anything with more than 3 grams of sugar. I'm trying for less than 10 grams per day. It ain't easy. Just about everything it seems is loaded with sugar. The FDA recommends that adult women get no more than 25 grams per day. To put this in perspective, an Apple has 15 grams. Don't get me wrong, apples are a very nutritious snack, but compound those 15 grams with various other hidden sugars, and you are looking at double possibly triple the recommended allowance. So without further adieu, here is a summary of my first week without sugar. P.S. I don't do the artificial stuff:

Feb 18th: First day initial weight 137

Feb 19th: Nose has stopped running. Significant because it has been running for the last two months.

Feb 20th: This one is odd, but I ate asparagus and when I went to the bathroom, there was no funny smell. Really, really hungry today. Brain fog!

Feb 21st: Slept great, which is not normal for me. Not nearly as hungry as I was yesterday.

Feb 22nd: My skin, especially on my face and feet feels different. Feet, lower legs are not puffy. Wrinkles on face seem smoother. Muscle tone better overall.

Feb 24: Still sleeping great!!! Not craving any sugar at all. Mind is sharp, clear.

Feb 25th: Weight 136. Up early. Another great night’s sleep.

Stay tuned for next week’s update on Connie’s Sugar Free Lent 2015.