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June 11 - Find Your Motivation Mentor

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  • Written By: Janelle Dorangricchia

Lack of motivation can be a number one culprit for people not achieving their fitness goals. While there are numerous ways to overcome a lack of motivation, finding yourself a fitness role model is one surefire way to help keep your momentum. They will act as a reminder of WHY you choose to be healthy and fit. Even the best athletes in the world have mentors who encourage and inspire them. Your challenge today to choose an appropriate role model for your goals using these 5 steps:

  1. Your mentor should be someone who leads a healthy, active lifestyle themselves. Find out what works for them, and see if their ideas could work for you as well.
  2. Your mentor should view “being healthy and active” as a wholesome part of their life. It is not simply about how you look in your swim suit, but how you feel inside and out.
  3. If possible, have your mentor workout alongside you. It may be your best friend, family member, or co-worker. Invite them to be a part of your journey.
  4. Your mentor should not be type to take “short-cuts.” Behavior change is a long term commitment. Someone who is focused on being healthy and fit for only a short period of time, or looking for the quickest results regardless of the means to get there is not the best choice as a role model. Look for someone who has made the long term commitment to leading a bright and vigorous life!
  5. Your mentor must walk the walk. They should be living proof that you too can reach your goals. No quick fixes, no secret potions. They have been on the exact road that you are on now, and have succeeded!

Find your role model and make some changes! My name is Janelle Dorangricchia, and I am the Fitness and Personal Training Supervisor at Saint Mary’s Fitness Center. I hold a bachelors degree in Health Ecology, and I am in the process of obtaining my MBA through UNR. People who have major obstacles, yet still accomplish their fitness goals, are my inspiration and role models!