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June 15 - Track, Evaluate and Adjust

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  • Written By: Saint Mary's Fitness

We are halfway through Resolutions Revived. Have you made progress toward your goal? What are you still struggling with? What has helped you and what has slowed you down? Today, take some time to assess the last couple of weeks, evaluate your progress, and make changes to the areas that may need adjustments. Use these 3 simple steps to ensure better success over the next 15 days.

  • Track: If you want to improve on something you need to track it. If your goal includes eating healthier, but you’re not journaling your food intake, how do you know if you met your goal? Simply put, what gets measured gets managed. Be sure you have a system in place for tracking your exercise, diet, sleep, water intake or other behavior you are trying to improve. There are many ways to do this ranging from simple pen and paper to using one of the many fitness apps or devices out there.
  • Evaluate: Tracking progress helps to keep us "aware" of where we are against our goals at any given point in the process. Where are you at today? Are you on your way to meeting your goals? If not, why? Take some time to evaluate where you are at now and the effectiveness of your plan in reaching your goals.
  • Make adjusts: After tracking and evaluating your progress, now make any necessary adjustments. If you’re struggling to get to the gym after a long day at work, try going in the morning before your work day starts. Didn’t lose a single pound? Maybe your expectations are too lofty, or you need to plan and prep your meals better. Find the areas that are not working, and replace them with new and different ideas that will help you overcome your barriers.