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June 20 - Get Outside: Your challenge today is enjoy the warm weather and fresh air!

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  • Written By: Kellie Flynn

There is nothing better when the warm weather comes our way than getting out and enjoying Northern Nevada’s great outdoors, breathing fresh air, getting natural vitamin D from the sun and burning calories, all while enjoying some therapeutic alone time or much needed quality time with friends and loved ones.

We are very fortunate here in Reno that we have so many hiking trails literally out our back doors. Hiking with friends and loved ones is a great way to get exercise without it feeling like exercise. Having someone to talk to along the way can make the hike feel almost effortless and it’s a great way to catch up with one another. It’s also a great idea to just get outdoors and enjoy some alone time to work off some stress or think through some difficult decisions.

I love to hike with my grandchildren and explore the outdoors with them. You would be surprised how far those little ones can go when you’re out there exploring together, talking about the landscape, throwing rocks in the river and wading through the creeks. Packing a lunch to enjoy a little picnic during a hike can add a special touch to your hiking experience and create lasting memories. Don’t forget that hiking with the furry members of the family is also a great way for you and them to get the exercise we all need. You can download the AllTrails app on your smartphone to find trails based on distance and difficulty.

Biking is another great way to get exercise, enjoy the outdoors and just have fun. You can enjoy it alone, with friends or family, and of course the children or grandchildren. There is a biking trail that is great for families that runs along the Truckee River from Sparks to downtown Reno. There are several parks along the way where the kids can take a break, enjoy a picnic or just play at the park. You can download the BikeMyRide app on your smartphone for biking trails in your area.

Whether you are hiking or biking, please don’t forget to bring lots of water, sunscreen, snacks, bike helmets and proper footwear for an enjoyable outdoor experience.

My name is Kellie Flynn and I work the Fitness Floor and the Services Desk. I am a mother of two grown sons, Cody (32) and Garrett (29), and a grandmother of four amazing grandchildren (ages 5-12). I have always lived an active outdoor lifestyle but after five spine surgeries, I discovered that I needed to build strength and flexibility to truly recover. In addition to my outdoor activities, I enjoy Reformer Pilates, Yoga and I work out with a personal trainer two times a week doing high intensity training. I feel 20 years younger! I want my passion for exercise, the great outdoors and living a healthy lifestyle to be passed on to my grandchildren. When Grandma K is around there is no TV or video games. You might run into us around town biking, hiking, swimming, walking or climbing a jungle gym. Get those kids out there and start moving bodies!