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June 24 - Be a Role Model: Did you know helping others stick to their goals will help you stick to yours?

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  • Written By: Shane Gabor

YOU serve as a role model for others. Whether it is your children, friends, family, or coworkers, you are always being watched by someone. Role models are meant to inspire, instruct and set a good example. Having people hold you to these standards can keep you accountable to certain virtues or actions. Today, think about the people who may be looking to you as a role model. Use these people to motivate you, and think of them the next time you want to give up on your goals!

It may not always be known and may not be apparent, but helping others can actually improve your well-being. By volunteering at a local non-profit organization, community outreach program, or even spending extra time with the people who look to you as a leader, you will increase your happiness, improve your confidence, enhance your communication skills, and encourage yourself to step out of your comfort zone. All of these, along with other important life lessons, will positively impact your self-worth by allowing you to feel good about yourself and what you have done for others in your community.

I can tell you this because I experienced the positive impact of serving as a leader, and the impact it had upon my own damaged morale. In 2006, I was a strong and focused high school student-athlete with sports serving as top priority. This suddenly changed when I suffered an injury that wouldn’t allow me to play competitive sports again. As a high school student, I was faced with a big decision: I could feel bad for myself and sulk about what I was no longer able do, or mold into a better person by focusing on my academics and improving my leadership skills. My last two years of high school were very rewarding as I became a hard working individual and dedicated myself to the school’s leadership and mentoring program. With this new found appreciation and respect for myself that was fostered through helping others, I was able to pursue higher education and ultimately graduate from the University of Nevada-Reno.

“People never improve unless they look to some standard or example higher and better than themselves.” - Tyron Edwards

My name is Shane Gabor and I am the Member Relations Coordinator. I assist members with any issues that they may have in regards to our schedule, services, or if they need help getting connected to any of our programming. I also help with membership questions, sales, and account changes. When I’m not working or exercising at Saint Mary’s Fitness Center I enjoy spending time with my girlfriend Brenda and our Golden Retriever Troy. My favorite hobbies are hiking, mountain biking, camping, skiing, travelling, playing softball, and disc golfing.