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June 3 - Make the Time: your challenge today is to schedule your goal into your life.

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  • Written By: Natalie Cooks

Chances are that your goal requires your time and energy. Today, your challenge is to plan when and how will you make the time. If your goal includes eating healthier, when will you grocery shop and plan your meals? If your goal to train for an event, when will you exercise? Get out your calendar and schedule these “to dos” into your daily or weekly routine. Better yet, set a reminder on your phone or computer at work when it’s time to get them done.

If your goal includes establishing a habit of regular exercise, but you struggle with finding the time, here are 5 ways you can fit exercise into your life.

  • Find an activity you like. Exercising should be enjoyable, and participating in an activity you enjoy will ensure you make time to do it. Whether its yoga, swimming, biking, or Zumba, you should have fun and look forward to doing it.
  • Schedule exercise and make it part of your routine. Just like scheduling appointments with the doctor or for work meetings, schedule a workout appointment and don’t cancel it. Also, try exercising at the same time each day so it will become a habit. Your exercise appointments are important – they will improve your health, well-being, job performance, and give you energy to get through the day.
  • Exercise first thing in the morning. An early morning workout ensures your goal is met before your busy day gets going. We often tell ourselves we’ll do it later, but then we feel too tired after a long work day, or the kids need your help with a school project. Instead, try heading to bed 30 minutes earlier so you can fit in a quick morning workout.
  • Mix exercising with socializing. Do you meet with friends for coffee or lunch? Try meeting for workout instead! You’ll not only have fun, but this social support will motivate you to accomplish your health and fitness goals.
  • If you’re still struggling, examine your electronic use. Often people say they have no time for exercise, yet they regularly watch TV, play games on their phones, and check up on the latest Facebook posts. Record how much time you spend engaging in these activities to find spare time you can squeeze in a workout or even a walk.

Hi, my name is Natalie Cooks and I supervise the Health Coaching and Membership departments at Saint Mary’s Fitness Center. I have a Bachelors and Masters degree in Kinesiology, and I love helping people lead healthier lifestyles. Not only do I have a full time job at the Fitness Center, but I am also a full time wife and mom to my two boys, Trey (10) and Kane (9). I find time for exercise by playing soccer on the weekends, going on walks with my kids and dogs, and scheduling a couple workouts with friends each week.