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June 30 - Celebrate your Success:

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  • Written By: Eren Sanborn

Behavior change is often a long and challenging process, but it should also be rewarding. Besides the intrinsic benefits that come from feeling better and reaching your goals, rewarding your efforts will reinforce your new habits and inspire you to continue your journey. Today, take some time to celebrate your accomplishments and the changes you have made throughout the month. Even a small success is worth recognizing because it’s the small changes that lead to big results.

There are lots of effective and motivating ways to help facilitate change and reward good behaviors. Here are some tips to help you get started.

1. Set goals and rewards for short, mid-range and long term change.

2. Reward the positives! Do not punish yourself for slip-ups.

3. Celebrate small and big accomplishments.

4. Tell others about your success.

5. Re-evaluate your goals and rewards periodically, change them as needed.

6. As the new behavior becomes habit, reduce the rewards for it.

Take your time when deciding how you will celebrate meeting your short, mid- and long term goals. Everyone is different and your rewards should be personalized! One person may work their butt off for a relaxing pedicure, when another would prefer a day trip adventure. Choose something that excites you and makes you feel good. Here are some examples of appropriate rewards.

Goal: losing 15 pounds in three months

Short-term goal: attending the gym two times a week

Reward: one hour of guilt free TV at night

Mid-range goal: attending the gym twice a week for a month

Reward: treat yourself to a massage or spa day

Long-term goal: losing 15 pounds

Reward: buying a new workout outfit