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June 4 - Journey with Your Buddy: Your task today to is find a friend, coworker, or family member to embark on your journey with you.

One of the best ways to stay committed to your goals is to buddy up! Accountability is a crucial piece to successfully starting and maintaining healthy habits. Your challenge today is find a friend or family member that you can share your goals with. Maybe you have a coworker who is also trying to establish a regular exercise routine? Partner up and find ways you can accomplish your goals together.

Here are a few benefits of exercising with a buddy to help you stay motivated and on track!

  • You will show up. It is easy to blow off your alarm clock, but no one wants to leave their buddy hanging to tackle a workout alone.
  • It is WAY more fun. Having someone to share the time with, not only creates a better experience, but also makes the time go by faster!
  • You will have more options. Having another person will open up more opportunities to mix up your workout routine. Two brains are better than one to keep things new and exciting.
  • You may pick up some healthy habits. When you surround yourself by positive, healthy individuals you are bound to pick up some of the same habits.
  • Sharing is caring. Working out with a buddy you will have someone to share your successes and create new goals with!

My name is Janelle Dorangricchia, and I am the Fitness and Personal Training Supervisor at Saint Mary’s Fitness Center. I hold a bachelors degree in Health Ecology, and I am in the process of obtaining my MBA through UNR. My fiancé and I share the love for fitness and health, and we inspire each other to continuously grow. I am also a mother to Bella who is 16 months old and the light in my life!