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June 5 - Three Secrets to Eating for Weight Loss: Your challenge today is erase "dieting" from your mindset and replace it with these three components to eating healthy for life!

Today your goal is to focus on the quality, quantity and frequency of your meals and snacks. Think back over the last week and choose one area of your diet that you know needs to change. Are you eating too much at dinner? Are you skipping breakfast? Or are you trying to fill up on shakes and rice cakes rather than fruit, veggies and whole grains? Once you have identified the meal or snack that needs a little love, use these 3 keys points that make or break healthy, sustainable eating habits.

  1. Quality–Meal replacements, supplements, and fad diet trends are only temporary solutions, and they may not be safe or effective. If we do lose weight this way, we still haven’t taught ourselves to properly eat balance, nutritious meals – the real root of it all! Balanced meals should consist of all major macronutrients (complex carbohydrates, lean protein, and healthy fats) and last you 3-4 hours. Meals that don’t last that long -or that last much longer- are likely imbalanced.
  1. Quantity – Quantity is hands down one of the biggest obstacles to weight loss. In general, Americans consume too much of the wrong foods. Consuming too much food means we are taking on more calories than our bodies can use, and any excess calories get stored as fat. On the other hand, it’s tempting to believe that by consuming fewer calories, we will increase our odds for weight loss. The truth is, when we don’t provide our bodies with enough fuel, our bodies will store fat to prevent starvation. It’s important to understand the difference between creating a calorie deficit and putting our body into a state of starvation!
  1. Frequency – Just as important as the quality and quantity of our meals is the frequency. Research indicates that dieting or skipping meals can cause a decrease in metabolic rate. When we skip meals, our bodies will resort to storing fat in order to conserve energy. Energy levels may suffer and food cravings kick into high gear, a recipe for poor food choices and overeating. Avoid this by eating sensible meals or snacks every 3-4 hours to keep your metabolism burning strong and your energy levels sustained.

Still need some guidance? The Plate Planner is a fantastic visual guide to help you build a balanced meal every time you eat. Fill in your own plate using the food groups and suggested portions.

My name Elise Compston and I am the Registered Dietitian at Saint Mary’s Fitness Center. I am responsible for developing and teaching a variety of nutrition classes and counseling families and individuals on ways to make healthy eating fun and reaching wellness goals through balanced nutrition. Outside of work, I am enjoying life as a newlywed and love exploring all that Reno has to offer!