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June 6 - Get Organized: Your challenge today to organize an area of your home you know is consuming your energy and efficiency.

Organization—what thoughts and feelings does this word evoke in you? Overwhelm, energy, anxiety, motivation? Clutter and chaos in the home is one of the largest sources of stress, and can keep you from the being the productive person you want to be. Today your challenge is to tackle one area of your home that is disorganized. Use the following article to guide your efforts in establishing order so you can have more time, energy and creativity to accomplish your health and fitness goals.

Organization can help us gain clarity on what’s important to us and how we are best able to accomplish it. Before you begin organizing, ask yourself “why” until you are clear on what you really need to organize and why it is important. I ask myself the why behind what I want to work on until I know I’ve reached the real reason for wanting to bring order to this area of my life. For example, I recently moved. This move was the second time I’d moved since 1987, and I knew organization would help to make this a positive experience and an opportunity to make some meaningful changes.

I started by asking myself, “why do I want to be organized for this move?” – “I want to make the process as easy and painless as possible.” To dig deeper to the real reason, I then began to ask “but why”…

  • “But why?” – “I want the emotional energy to get rid of things I’d been holding onto for sentimental
  • “But why?” – I want to decide what really has meaning to me and get rid of the rest…”
  • “But why?” – “I want to have fewer possessions and more room in my physical space and
    emotional being…”
  • “But why?” – “Life, to me, isn’t about possessions, but having a rich inner life that isn’t cluttered.”

Once I nail down the why, I move on to ask myself the “what” and the “how” questions—what do I need to do and how am I going to do it? Here, I break the process into manageable steps. I personally like to use lists for certain tasks; this helps me get very clear on what steps I need to take to get things organized, and I’m able to see tangible progress as I check things off. Lists also help me get things out of my head, onto paper, and into action.

As moving day approached, I made lists of what I wanted to accomplish with certain rooms and possessions. Sometimes my organization took the form of giving myself a certain area to organize within a certain time frame. I like to get things done as quickly as possible, so giving myself time frames is motivating and energizing for me. On other days, I would decide to work until I finished everything on my to-do list for that day no matter how long it took or how slowly I needed to work. As I cultivate the habit of an organized lifestyle, I am able to invest my resources, both internal and external, in the things that really matter to me.

I am Cindy Fox, the Office Manager at Saint Mary’s Fitness Center. I have extensive experience in small office management and enjoy keeping things organized at work and at home. I am a mother of two sons, Beau and Jeremy, and have had a passion for all things fitness for over 30 years.