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June 9 - Turn Your Dreams into Reality

My brain often dreams of transforming who I am into who I want to be, my perfect self. Without focusing my intentions into an active effort towards the person I’d like to be, I found my goals pulling me in all directions like a Stretch Armstrong doll. I decided to create a vision board to prevent myself from swallowing these dreams and keeping them in the pit of my stomach until it’s too late to make them a reality. Your challenge is to make one too! As you dive into the creation of your dream board, remember the purpose. This is for YOU. It should be motivating and provide clarity and positivity. Keep it fun and simple. Use creative freedom. There are no rules!

Step 1: Visualize

A vision board is a visual representation of all the things that you want to do, be, and have in your life. Imagine your perfect self. What are his or her qualities, habits and goals? What kinds of experiences and accomplishments do they pursue? Visualization allows the subconscious brain to train our thoughts to be positive and self-guided. When you start the process of making your own dream board, tap into your mind and jot down your thoughts.

This was the hardest part for me. I started with basic fitness, travel, financial and career goals. The more I thought the more work I realized I needed to do. I wanted to include qualities and habits I’d like to possess and bucket list items. I also decided it would be a good idea to include things I’m grateful for to remember what drives me to be my better self. Remember, “where your attention goes, your energy follows.”

Step 2: Create

You can use any format you like. A cork board with images pinned to it or a digital/electronic version would allow you to make adjustments periodically. There are apps that can be used to create a vision board but I wanted to step outside of technology for this process. Gather your supplies: glue, magazines, markers, pins, etc. Find pictures that relate to the notes you wrote out in step one and GO FOR IT!

I rallied my mom into making a board with me. We played music, got crafty, and talked about our goals and dreams. It was a refreshing way to connect. I chose to go with a poster board that I cut into pedals for different topics creating a flower. Mom’s board was a hodge-podge of left over construction paper cut outs. My vision and goals were broad, while hers were specific. We both put dates and numbers with some of our goals. We included words and phrases we found inspirational. Both were unique and powerful.

Step 3: Adjust

You have a lifetime to create the best self you’ve imagined. Life happens and our paths and ideas change often. I suggest making periodic adjustments to your board. After the positive effect of this experience, I have decided to create one with every New Year.

Good LUCK!

Hi, I’m Catie. I have a bachelor’s degree in Nutrition and have worked in preventative health care for almost a decade doing a variety of things including: personal training, health coaching, medical exercise, corporate wellness, and group fitness. One of my dreams is to impact every person I contact in a way that allows them to find happiness through the use of cognitive behavior change and physical, preventative healthcare techniques. I hope you enjoy MAKING YOUR DREAMS A REALITY!