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Improve Your Family's Health through Yoga

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  • Written By: Natalie Cooks
Improve Your Family's Health through Yoga

Improve Your Family’s Health through Yoga

Today’s fast paced society is not only exhausting for parents, but for children as well. Long school days, after school clubs, lessons, sports and homework make for jam-packed schedules with little time to relax. This stress impacts a child’s wellbeing and can lead to serious health conditions such as obesity, heart disease, anxiety and depression.

Yoga is an ancient Indian practice, which consists of certain postures, regulated breathing techniques, hand poses, and meditation. Yoga’s positive impact on health has been an established truth in ancient as well as contemporary literature. Recent research found that “Yoga may aid in shifting self-awareness inward to children’s own cues and emotions, and thus counteract negative social and cultural influences.” These benefits go far beyond the yoga mat. Yoga has been shown to cause a physiologically calming effect by slowing the heart rate and increasing our ability to focus and learn. This is a skill that parents and children can use in everyday life to minimize stress and develop the resilience to deal with it.

Yoga exercises also provide improvements in balance, strength and flexibility as well. Moving the body gracefully from one challenging pose to the next requires concentration, coordination, muscular strength and endurance. Every child can benefit, from the athlete to the inactive youngster looking for an alternative way to get more exercise. Yoga provides a fun opportunity for bonding, routine exercise and relaxation for the whole family.

Saint Mary’s Fitness Center offers Family Yoga on Sundays at 3pm and Wednesdays at 3:30pm for ages 6-12 and parents led by Yoga Instructor Corey Jean Jones. Corey has been practicing yoga since 1999. She has 500 hours of Yoga Alliance Instructor training and has taught over 2,000 hours of yoga, including children’s yoga in many different styles and settings. The aim of the Family Yoga program is to increase strength and flexibility, build coping capacity, reduce stress and foster quality parent-child relationships. Children and parents will have fun and enjoy learning side-by-side. Members and Nonmembers welcome. Contact our Service Desk at 770-3800 for more details or visit .