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Saint Patrick's Day Workout

Saint Patrick's Day Workout

Saint Patrick’s Day Workout


A big bag of potatoes from Costco—their potatoes are the heaviest

A group of your friends (any friend not wearing green should be presented with a green tutu to wear throughout the workout)

Chuckie the leprechaun—see picture above

Each person needs:

A Kettle Bell
A Bosu

Perform 15 reps of the following exercises: ( you can do 1-3 rounds if time permits)

Pot of Gold Windmill—side tilts with the kettle bell

Pint Curls—bicep curls –using dumbbells or big potatoes

Walk a lap-- carrying a potato in each hand—use when needed for recovery

4 leaf clover— Tap right foot diagonally across the front of your body, then step together, tap directly front, step together, out to the right side, together, and straight back. Repeat on left leg

Leprechaun leap—Jump squats

Irish Twist—or a seated Russian Twist—holding a potato instead of a medicine ball

Greeting St. Patrick -- courtesy squats --both legs 15 times each

Pot of gold swings -using Kettle bell if “pot of gold” is not available. Squat down and swing the “pot” to shoulder height as you straighten your legs

Potato picking—or single leg dead lift

Jameson Jacks—Jumping jacks

Climbing steps to Blarney Stone—use the step—make sure you step up with the right leg 15 times, then left leg 15 times

Irish Jig—standing side crunches

Dublin Dips—Tricep dips

Shamrock Shuffle—shuffling side to side –start in a squat and shuffle while staying down in a squat

St. Patrick’s Plank—Hold 60 seconds if possible

Bag pipe press—On your back do a chest press with either dumbbells or potatoes

Shamrock Sit ups—On your back curl up to the shoulder blades—use hands to support head if necessary

Bosu Potato Toss—everyone on a Bosu and play catch with the potatoes—Add the leprechaun to the mix to increase the challenge. But beware, the leprechaun may get mad and not lead you to the pot of gold.