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Week Three: Connie Zanotto's Sugar Free Lent 2015

Week Three: Connie Zanotto's Sugar Free Lent 2015

Sugar Free Lent 2015 Week 3

This week has been the most difficult so far. I have had to fight through a very "hormonal" period of time. A time, where in the past, chocolate was my best friend. There isn't really any substitute, so I have started boxing and MMA. Boxing gloves have replaced snicker bars and chocolate chip cookies. Funny thing is, even during this trying time, I have had a ton of energy, clear thoughts and continued great sleep. I'm continuing to gradually lose weight. Down 4 lbs. in 3 weeks. Honestly, I've done more for my body (muscle tone, cellulite reduction) in 3 weeks than I could have done working out for a year. Could you do this for one day? Two days?

March 5th: Really long day. Taught 5 classes today. More tired today than I have been in weeks.

March 6: No wonder I was so tired yesterday, my monthly visitor (that I haven't had in months) came by for a surprise visit. Rough day.

March 7: Better day, not so tired. Taught, trained and feel better. Eating really well. Craving sugar big time!

March 8: Feel great. Cravings are gone. Feeling trim, can't wait to weight myself Wednesday!

March 9: Daylight savings time change has whacked a lot of people (including myself) out. Good day. Staying strong.

March 11: Weight, 133

Stay tuned in for next week's blog.