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Research and Clinical Trials

Advancements in cancer care do not occur without ongoing research. New cancer drugs and treatments can only be developed through the combined efforts of investigating physicians, their research teams and patients who are willing to participate. To provide state-of-the art treatment options to our patients, the team at Saint Mary’s Cancer Center is dedicated to active involvement in cancer research.

With the help of the Institutional Review Board and the Nevada Cancer Research Foundation, Saint Mary’s researchers conduct some of their own trials and participate in large-scale research studies supported by national collaborative groups. Our new collaboration with the promises to open doors to even more clinical trial opportunities. Increased participation in clinical trials and sharing of trial results across our healthcare system helps to elevate the performance of our Cancer Center team.

Clinical trials at Saint Mary’s cover a variety of cancer diagnoses and treatments, ranging from highly technical comparisons of radiation therapy techniques to evaluations of quality of life for patients who undergo treatment for cancer.

We continue to open clinical trials at Saint Mary's with a focus on the following:

  • New pharmaceutical options for chemotherapy, combined chemotherapy and radiation therapy treatments
  • Lung and brain studies
  • Prostate cancer patient outcomes
  • Use of CyberKnife in the treatment of breast cancer
  • Patient quality of life and symptom management during and after cancer treatment

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