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Varian TrueBeam

World's Most Advanced Cancer Treatment Technology

Saint Mary's Center for Cancer has a Varian TrueBeam device, the world's most advanced cancer treatment technology, offering cancer-fighting technology and expertise that is on a par with top-ranked cancer centers nationwide. This highly sophisticated surgical robot delivers radiation therapy with extraordinary detail and precision to treat tumors. TrueBeam delivers cancer-destroying doses directly to a tumor with such tremendous accuracy that it protects surrounding healthy tissue. And in many cases, the TrueBeam can deliver its entire treatment in less than two minutes per day, meaning fewer side effects for patients.

True Beam Machine

TrueBeam synchronizes a beam system that provides the beams of radiation for treatment to an imaging system and allows doctors to see a 3D image of the tumor they're treating. It also has sophisticated respiratory monitoring systems as it targets the tumor. Because treatment delivery is noninvasive, there is no incision or surgery with TrueBeam. The ability to deliver higher doses of radiation at great speed allows most treatments to be given in just minutes a day.

An entire treatment planning system is included with the TrueBeam technology. The flow of information about a cancer patient's radiation and medical treatment care path is complete. It's all there in the electronic record, from consult to tumor modeling, treatment and follow-up. When physicians don't have to interpret information, then a patient's treatment and safety is enhanced.

At Saint Mary's Center for Cancer, a team of radiation oncologists, surgeons and internal medicine physicians collaborate to develop a strategy for every patient's treatment. Together, they've established the accredited Breast Cancer Center of Excellence, Lung Cancer Center of Excellence and northern Nevada's only Pediatric Cancer Center affiliated with the Children's Oncology Group (COG).

For more information about the Varian TrueBeam technology at Saint Mary's Center for Cancer, call 775-770-7410. To learn more click here: VarianTrueBeam.