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Aquablation Therapy

Aquablation Therapy is a new type of surgical treatment for benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), commonly know as an enlarged prostate. At Saint Mary's Regional Medical Center, we are proud to be the first program in Nevada to offer this advanced, minimally invasive treatment.

Aquablation Therapy uses the power of water delivered with robotic precision to provide long-lasting BPH relief without compromise. It is precise, consistent, and provides long-term relief no matter how large your prostate. Watch this video, as it walks you through every step of the procedure.

As a procedure, Aquablation Therapy successfully removes prostate tissue responsible for undesired symptoms. The procedure is performed under anesthesia, and typically takes less than an hour. There are two key steps to Aquablation Therapy, which are:

Step 1: creating a surgical map

Every prostate is unique in size and shape. Aquablation Therapy enables our surgeons to customize your procedure to your specific anatomy. How? Through the use of ultrasound imagine and a standard camera (called a cystoscope). This gives our surgeons the ability to see the entire prostate in real time, allowing our surgeons to map which parts of your prostate they want to remove and which parts to avoid. Specifically, this mapping enables our surgeons to avoid removing the parts of the prostate that cause complications like erectile dysfunction, ejaculatory dysfunction, and incontinence.

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Step 2: removing the prostate tissue

Once our surgeons have created a surgical map, a robotically-controlled, heat-free waterjet removes the prostate tissue that was outlined on the map. This robotic technology minimizes human error in removing prostate tissue, and ensures the prostate tissue is removed precisely, consistently, and predictably. When required, our surgeons may choose to use a minimal amount of cautery following a procedure to control normal bleeding.


For more information, call us at 775-770-STAR (7827), and visit for Frequently Asked Questions. Also, please visit Urology Nevada and talk with your provider about whether Aquablation Therapy is right for you.